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FREE Dance Classes Every Monday and Tuesday!

Join us for our exhilarating and free dance classes, where you can learn the art of Hip-Hop and Choreographed dances. Whether you're a seasoned dancer looking to polish your skills or a beginner eager to take your first steps, we have the perfect class for you.

Our intermediate/advanced class takes place every Monday from 5:30-7:00 PM, providing an opportunity for experienced dancers to refine their technique and explore more complex choreography. On Tuesdays, from 5:30-7:00 PM, we offer beginners classes catering to those new to the world of dance. Our talented instructors will guide you through the foundations, helping you build confidence and grace on the dance floor.

At Sullivan Community Space, we believe that dance is not just about movement—it's a form of self-expression, an outlet for creativity, and a way to connect with others who share the same passion. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to discover the joy of dance in a supportive and welcoming environment. Join us today and let your spirit soar through the rhythm and energy of our free dance classes!

Kola Creative Team Practices at Sullivan Community Space

Sullivan Community Space hosted a free practice space for The Kola Creative Team. “This all Oakland professional production is a re-envisioned version of The Nutcracker through the lens of African and Afro-Latinx music, dance, theater, and culture reflecting the lives of Black and Brown children socially, politically, and spiritually in modern-day Oakland." 

Photo Credits: Stephanie Lister/KQED

Photo Credits: Stephanie Lister/KQED

"500+ students from over a dozen Oakland and other East Bay schools are involved as performers, composers and costume/set designers, including OSA, Anna Yates, Northern Light, Pear Tree Community School, West Oakland Middle School, Envision Academy Middle Grades, Park Day, Head Royce, and Latitude High School. The Kola creative team, comprised of The people’s Conservatory founder Rozz Nash and beloved local artists Kev Choice, Jennifer Johns, and Ryan Nicole.”

SMC Supports BAWT!

BAWT mission is to create equitable access to outdoor experiences for youth of color and low income youth. We believe California's bountiful wilderness areas are a vast - yet untapped - resource for local youth-serving organizations. Well led trips to granite cliffs, isolated beaches, and ancient redwoods provide youth with powerful, life changing experiences.

Check out this short documentary about Sullivan Community Center. This video shows how Martial Arts impacted the youths in West Oakland.

Why do we love Oakland so much?

At SMC, Oakland is home.  And this is exactly why we actively participate and  give back to our community.  Since 2008, we have planted hundreds of trees and have been partnering with local community groups to help the neighborhood.  Through our partnership with the KIPP Academy, we host West Oakland youth in our offices each summer to participate in a paid internship program focused on learning valuable job and resume skills. 


"On behalf of KIPP Academy, We would like to thank SMC for their generous contribution of Michigan State University tee shirts! Our chant off was a huge success! We placed 2nd while competing against 11 other  homerooms in our school! We were a true testament of looking good, feeling good, and performing great! Your support will forever be a fond memory in their lives."

Opening of Sullivan Community Space

SMC East Bay and Sullivan Management have opened up a new community center called Sullivan Community Space at 1671 8th Street!

Over the past decade, we at SMC have been active and investing in the West Oakland community.  Being involved and giving back to the community are core to our principles.  In line with this philosophy, we are excited to offer a new space for the community to use.


Our mission for the Sullivan Community Space is to serve the West Oakland community – especially local youth – by providing a facility for community members to gather, exercise, and develop life skills.  The initial focus of the Space is to bring martial arts to the kids of West Oakland.  Martial arts training has been shown to benefit health and fitness, self-confidence, conflict resolution, focus and discipline.  Our goal is that the Space will provide a safe environment for members of the community to grow, develop life skills, and have fun.


The Sullivan Community Space will offer free martial arts classes for youth and adults throughout the Fall.  Check out the Space's website for more info!

Vaxxed Documentary Screening at the Sullivan Community Space 

The documentary Vaxxed:From Cover-up to Catastrophe was screened at the newly opened Sullivan Community Space for the West Oakland Community on August 6th.  After the screening there was a Q&A with the producers.

City Slicker Farms West Oakland Farm Park

SMC East Bay and Neill Sullivan are proud to extend their support towards the grand opening of City Slicker Farms in West Oakland. City Slicker Farms operates two Community Market Farms, a greenhouse, a weekly Farm Stand, Urban Farming Education programs and also provides support for over 300 Backyard Gardens. Their central urban farming site is the new 1.4 acre West Oakland Farm Park, which opened in June of 2016 and marks the transformation of a once-vacant lot into a full-scale farm, community garden, and public park. Together their programs preserves green space in the inner-city for food production, engage residents in environmental, food justice and nutrition education, and serve as a model of urban green growth. Find out more by visiting their page here - City Slicker Farms

SMC East Bay Supports Efforts Against Coal 

Neill Sullivan, REO Homes and SMC East Bay continue to support Reverend Ken Chambers and his efforts to stop  coal from coming to West Oakland. There is already a proposal to build a coal factory on the old Army base in which Rev. Chambers "fears that members of his congregation would be poisoned by toxic dust blowing from train cars, silos, and conveyors."  Read the full article at

West Side Missionary Baptist Church 

SMC East Bay dontated their support and materials to help West Side Missionary Baptist Church patch leaks on their roof after record rainfall this January .

From the Community :

Neill Sullivan and SMC East Bay make $10,000 donation

to support Prescott Elementary in West Oakland, November 2015:


Sullivan and the team at SMC East Bay announce the $10,000 donation to support the Playworks program for Prescott Elementary School in West Oakland and urge friends and neighbors to give what they can to help school reach the $32,000 funding goal.


West Oakland, CA  –Prescott Elementary School in West Oakland has been selected to participate in the Playworks program. Playworks creates an atmosphere for every kid on the playground to feel included, be active and build valuable social and emotional skills. Playworks’ full-time coaches not only transform recess into an active, positive thing, but help eliminate conflict which in turn reduces stress in the classroom. Coach Adam has already started and the program is a success.   


Even with the initial donation, the school still needs a $22,000 to fully fund the program. Sullivan and the SMC East Bay team are urging other members of the West Oakland Community to support the fundraising effort.


“Neill Sullivan and the team at SMC East Bay answered the call during last year’s fundraising effort by donating DVD players for all the classrooms.  This year they have been extraordinarily generous with the $10,000 donation for Playworks” said Stefanie Parrott, the parent volunteer leading the fundraising campaign.  “If you live or do business in West Oakland, these are your kids.  We owe it to our children to make West Oakland schools the best they can be,” said Parrott.


To donate, friends and supporters can contact Stefanie Parrott at (510) 697-1797 or the school directly at (510) 874-3333 and ask for Ms. K.  If community members are not able to give financially then please feel free to contact Stefanie about other volunteer opportunities at the school. 


Neill Sullivan is Managing-Member of SMC East Bay, which serves as the property manager for REO Homes, LLC. 


"Every child deserves an environment where they can play and develop emotional and social skills” said Neill Sullivan, President of SMC East Bay.   “We made a donation and we ask you to consider making a donation of any size, even $25 helps” said Neill. 


Friends and supporters can learn more about Playworks here: 


"Make Joyful Noise" Event :

SMC was a proud sponsor of the "Make Joyful Noise" event led by the pastors of West Oakland and the Mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaff on November 7th 2015. It was a celebration of the faith-based communities in West Oakland. We were grateful to participate with so many inspirational leaders.


KIPP Awards Ceremony:

Principal Lolita Jackson, her staff and the kids at KIPP Bridge Charter School in West Oakland presents Neill Sullivan and company awards for their generosity and support during the KIPP Awards Ceremony held on September 19th, 2014. Neill Sullivan and REO Homes donated and installed security cameras throughout the school to help curb vandlism and theft.    

DASH Camps:

SMC East Bay along with REO Homes, LCC is a proud sponsor of Diabetes and Sports Health (DASH) Camps in West Oakland.  Thes camps are designed for youth ages 8-18 living with type 1, type 2 or pre-diabetes, friends and family members. DASH Campers will play a variety of sports depending on the field space, including but not limited to soccer, baseball, football, basketball, dodgeball, DASH Olympic games, capture the flag and others. In addition to the rotation of sports, we include basic diabetes education in forms of carbohydrate counting, type awareness, stress management and empowerment through music, art, theatrical activities and community health advocacy.


The goal of camp is to have fun and thrive because of diabetes Parents and loved ones (known as Type 3’s) are strongly encouraged to attend DASH Camp as well. There will be specific activities such as panel discussions with local medical professionals, athletes living with diabetes, and siblings. The goal of the panel is to give Type 3’s a space where they can vent the buried emotions associated with diabetes, in safe and judgment free environment while learning from others.


For more information on DASH camps please visit

Properties Before and After:

We take great pride in taking care of our homes. Here are some properties that we've improved upon. Take a look at what we've done to help spruce up our community.

Brockhurst Street

Magnolia Street

San Pablo Avenue

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