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*NEW* - We now accept multiple online rent payments from each home.   If you and your housemates want to pay separate amounts towards your monthly rent, you can pay using the  tenant portal.  All you need is your bank info (name, routing number and account number).  Those are generally located at the bottom of a personal paper check.  This is not an automatic withdrawal - you control the amount and when it is submitted.   As you know, rent is due on the first of each month.  As long as the rent is paid in full and on time, we will accept payments from multiple individuals in the household.  

SMC offers our residents the convenience of online account management including rent payments, maintenance requests, and access to property managers.  


Click on the TENANT PORTAL button to set-up or access your account.


Questions about the tenant portal? Call (510) 225-9161.

PG&E (gas and electric service)

(800) 743-5000


EBMUD (water service)

(866) 40-EBMUD


Waste Management (Oakland garbage and compost services; recycling services (East Oakland))

(510) 613-8710


California Waste Solutions (West Oakland recycling service)

(510) 836-6200


City of Berkeley Refuse (Berkeley garbage and recycling services)



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