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*NEW* - We now accept multiple online rent payments from each home.   If you and your housemates want to pay separate amounts towards your monthly rent, you can pay using the  tenant portal.  All you need is your bank info (name, routing number and account number).  Those are generally located at the bottom of a personal paper check.  This is not an automatic withdrawal - you control the amount and when it is submitted.   As you know, rent is due on the first of each month.  As long as the rent is paid in full and on time, we will accept payments from multiple individuals in the household.  

SMC offers our residents the convenience of online account management including rent payments, maintenance requests, and access to property managers.  


Click on the TENANT PORTAL button to set-up or access your account.


Questions about the tenant portal? Call (510) 225-9161.

Current residents can find most leasing information via the tenant portal. Click the TENANT PORTAL button above to be directed to the tenant portal login page. Answers to most questions regarding the tenant portal can be found in the Portal FAQ section (coming soon). 






Note: There is a $25 processing fee for any lease changes.


Adding housemates to a lease 


If you are already renting with SMC and want to add a housemate to your lease, please be reminded of the following:


  1. Your new housemate should fill out a rental application. Please note that Basic Qualifications listed on our RENTAL APPLICATION page apply to all incoming tenants.

  2. Send all necessary identification, proof of rental history, and proof of income to This will expedite the verification process.

  3. If approved, all current tenants on the lease must sign a lease addendum adding the new housemate to the lease. This addendum will not go into effect until it is signed by both current and new housemates.


Removing housemates from a lease
If you are already renting from with and want to remove a housemate from your lease, please be reminded of the following:


  1. A lease addendum must be signed by all current tenants agreeing to remove a housemate from the lease. This addendum will not go into effect until all current tenants have signed. 

  2. Make sure you following up with our leasing department to make sure you removal request is being processed in a timely manner. 




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